Tips on How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

When you are in a tight budget, preparing healthy meals on a regular basis can

When you are in a tight budget, preparing healthy meals on a regular basis can be quite challenging. First of all, it can be quite expensive, especially if you’re not wise in buying fresh produce. When you’re cutting calories, it is not always easy to cut on the costs. But with proper planning and a little bit of creativity, you’ll be able to maintain a healthy diet that is budget friendly and good on the tummy. Let me share to you some tips on how you can eat healthy on a budget.
1. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce are much more affordable and healthier than pre-cut and canned ones. Sugar, salt and other preservatives are added to fruits and vegetables that have been canned to improve its taste and prolong its shelf life. Yes, you have to do more prep work if you buy fresh produce, but it can save you money and you’ll be able to get more nutrients.
2. Eat less meat. Most people, especially Americans eat more meat than they need which often result in obesity. Meats are delicious but very pricey, and not no to mention loaded with saturated fat. We need to eat protein every day, but we don’t need to eat meat everyday. There are other options for protein other than the standard meats you’re used to. Protein alternatives such as soy, tofu and seafood are not only healthy, they’re much less expensive than regular meat as well. If you must eat meat, don’t overdo it.
3. Forgo processed foods. Processed foods may be cheaper but they provide little to no nourishment to our body. These foods give empty calories which still leave us hungry. Besides, processed foods such as junk foods are simply fillers that we can actually do without.
4. Avoid impulse buying. Take time to plan and sort out everything that you need to buy. It’s best to plan your meals ahead so you’ll know exactly what to buy. When you’re in the grocery, just get whatever’s on your list and get out.
5. Prepare your own food. Reduce food takeouts and cook your own food instead. Eating out or takeout food can be very expensive and very unhealthy. Cooking your own food gives you more control over your food.
Eating healthy isn’t necessarily cheap, but it doesn’t also have to burn a hole in your pocket. These are only a few tips on how to eat healthy while keeping it within the budget. Happy healthy eating!